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The Wooden Bookend is a distinctive work of art. Not just another bookend, but a piece of art will support your books. It is a beautifully designed structure that brings order and harmony to any environment. Its design and mahogany finish provides an elegant touch that will be appreciated for a very long time!



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Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.


Handmade wooden book ends:

For readers, books are the ultimate escape. It is incredible how 26 alphabets have the power to create words that transport readers to a whole new realm of fiction, fantasy, or facts. Being a reader, it is of utmost importance to find ways to showcase and display our vast collection of books. Here at Concave Craft, you can find beautifully designed handmade wooden book ends that are sturdy. These decorative bookends will adorn your bookshelves perfectly and will prevent your books from tumbling over. Our creative wooden bookends are decorated with different designs that showcase our culture and innovation beautifully. Whether you enjoy paperbacks or hardcover books, our bookends are strong enough to hold up your prized collection. Woodwork played a pivotal role in the evolution of humanity. Woodworking played an essential role for survival as it was predominantly used for hunting and creating shelter. The inception of artistic woodwork took place in ancient Chinese and Egyptian societies, considered masters of this craft. Concave Craft brings you a variety of different bookends with multiple color combinations just to keep your books in place with style!

What is the history of wood art?

Wood art has been an intricate part of our history and evolution, dating back to pre-historic times when they were first used to record important historical events, used for hunting or as weapons to defend against the enemy. Greek architecture, Gothic architecture, African sculptures, tribal art, rural art, Rocco art, pre-Islamic Arabia, and folk art are all prominent eras that utilised and perfected wooden decorative art. The art of wood carving originated in Pakistan since the Gandhara civilization, which is famous for its rock and wood-carved sculpture. The history of this art can be traced back to the early Buddhist period under the Kushan rulers.Concave Crafts’ beautiful collection of wooden bookends pays an ode to this centuries-old art form.


To clean, use a damp cloth.

Dusting products can also be used to rid your decorative book ends of loose dirt.




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Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 12.7 cm


Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.

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Material Composition Wooden
Craft Wood Work
Region Karachi
Dimensions Length: 8 – Width: 5 – [inches]
Weight 820g
What’s is in the Box 1 x Wooden Bookend
Care Instruction Handle With Care



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