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Coasters made from macrame style knitting in a beautiful coffee-coloured pattern.

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Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.


Stylish handmade tea coaster:

Digital printing is the latest method of creating beautiful products. You can now adorn your space and decorate it with inspirational quotes, meaningful sayings and impactful tokens. Our handmade artistic coaster are infused with pop culture. Concave Craft offers a wide range of beautifully designed and stylish handmade tea coaster at a reasonable price for you to order online. They come in different themes, sizes and designs that reflect the latest trend and the talent of amazing designers. Now make our high-quality coasters a part of your kitchen and dining, making you the perfect host. Reasonable in price and practical in use, Concave Craft makes sure there is something for everybody’s taste and aesthetic!

Why are stylish handmade tea coaster important?

Not only are wooden tea coaster set fashionable and show elegance, but they are also very practical. Using a stylish handmade tea coaster under your mugs and glasses protects the table surface. If the drink is too hot it protects your table and furniture from burning and if it’s chilled, it prevents precipitation damage. A coaster on top of your beverage can prevent insects, bacteria or dust from contaminating your drink. It is also a social convention that indicates that the drink is reserved, unfinished or belongs to someone.

What is the origin of digital printing?

Although printing pictures onto items is a practice that dates back to the 1400s, digital printing is fairly new. The first digital print was released on watercolour paper in 1989. The technique of printing digitally created pictures directly onto a range of media substrates is known as digital printing. It entails the computer creation of your artwork, followed by direct printing of that artwork onto the material of your choice. Digital printing is an alternative to traditional techniques like lithography, flexography, gravure, letterpress, and others because it does away with many of the mechanical steps needed for traditional printing, like making colour proofs and films, manually putting the pieces together, and creating plates. The process of digital printing is faster and more efficient, and promotes innovation! Because computers control the printing process it is much easier to change the content of the item while it is being printed. This adds a new level of customization and personalization that can greatly improve your finished product appeal.


Avoid using hot water when cleansing the wooden tea coaster set

Avoid harsh movements when washing the coaster

Our Story

Embroidery is a widely practiced art form that represents textile, leather, or fabric embellished with stitches and decorated with unique designs with the help of a sewing needle and thread. According to the archaeologists who found out heavily hand-stitched clothes and boots from the fossils, this being an ancient art form has a history that dates to 30,000 B.C. In addition to that, other ancient embroidery work has been predominantly found in India and China, consisting of chain stitches on silk. People who do this art are called embroiders, and they have full freedom to create either flowing pictorial compositions or linear patterns. The thread and needle are not bounded by a geometric foundation like many other art forms. The embroidery designs are done based on the texture of the fabric and stitch.


Material Composition Wool Thread
Craft Macrame
Region Peshawar
Dimensions Length: 7.5 – Width: 9 – [inches]
Weight 10 g
What’s is in the Box 1 X Macrame Coaster – Coffee Colour
Care Instruction Dry Clean Only


Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.

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