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Unwind in elegance with our Mug and Coaster Pair Bundle. Crafted to perfection, the chic mug complements the coaster, safeguarding surfaces. Elevate your sipping moments or gift this enchanting set to loved ones

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Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.

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August 14 marks Pakistan’s Independence Day, a significant event representing the nation’s arduous struggle for liberation from British colonial rule in 1947. This day carries immense historical and emotional importance for Pakistanis globally, who enthusiastically celebrate it. The festivities encompass flag-raising rituals, parades, cultural showcases, and fireworks, instilling feelings of national pride, togetherness, and appreciation for the sacrifices made to establish a free and autonomous Pakistan.


What’s in the box: 1xMug ,1xCoaster Pair


Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.

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