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Light up your space with our beautiful collection of Camel Skin Lamps and add warmth and peace to your everyday life. This beautiful lamp in beige base is available at Concave Craft.

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Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.


Best Camel Skin Lamp:

Illuminate your space with culture and style! Order these beautiful and high-quality best camel skin lamp. Our camel skin lamps come in a wide variety of different designs and colours. Our Camel skin lamps are unique and durable so order the best lamps online here at Concave Craft. Our beautiful collection of camel skin lamps is here to light up your room. This gorgeous lamp will give an elegant and aesthetic touch to your space.

What is the history of these corner decorative pieces?

In Pakistan, camel skin lamps have their history rooted in Multan, the city of saints. The immensely talented artisans of Multan have been painting and decorating camel skins for more than 900 years. Many artistic families have been keeping the legacy and craft of their ancestors alive for more than a millennium!

Since Cholistan, Punjab is an extremely dry and humid desert, many camels die from thirst. Their skins are then utilised to create these beautiful room decorations. The pictures, designs, and colours, all reflect and connect with the local customs in Multan. In 1910, Ustad Abdullah Naqash started doing naqashi art on camel skin. Today, his grandson, Malik Abdul Rehman Naqash, is keeping the tradition going. It is said that making camel skin lamps is the joint effort of three different workers skilled in their expertise. One is the Clayman, making the mould and figure, the second is the Naqash, the artist that illustrates the camel skin, and the third is the Dabgar, who polishes and adds finishing touches to these beautiful lamps. Each of the three work in unison to produce ornate camel skin lamps in Multan.


  • Use it to decorate your room or living space.
  • Adorn your study table.
  • Gift it to a loved one.
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe away dust and clean.
  • Keep away from wet surfaces or water.

Our Story

The production of camel skin lamps holds an integral role in handicrafts history in Pakistan. Its origin can be traced back to Multan which is already quite popular in Pakistan as well as across the world as a city for its creativity and extraordinary crafts. Camel skin lamp is a version of local Dabkri craft whereas, the art of decorating the skin is referred to as Naqashi. Both crafts are recognised as the most valuable skills in the history of art and handmade crafts.

The various handmade decorations on the fixed-top of the lamp demonstrate the culture and the local heritage of Multan. The pictures, colours, designs, and symbols all are associated with the customs of the old city. The handmade camel skin lamps are not only popular in Pakistan but are also exported to other countries, which earned the city countless accolades. The making of camel skin lamps is the synergy of three different skills. The workers that collaborate to make a masterpiece include Clayman, Naqash, and Dabkar. All three of them harmonize their skills to create an amazing masterpieces like camel skin lamps.


Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.

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Estimated time for delivery is 8 – 10 working days.


Material Composition Camel skin lamp
Craft Camel skin lamp
Region Multan
Dimensions Length: 4.4 – Width: 5 – [inches]
Weight 285g
What’s is in the Box 1 x Camel salt lamp
Care Instruction Handle with care


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