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Coasters Protect the table’s surface or any other surface where the user might place a glass. Coasters on top of a beverage can also show that a drink is not finished. Coasters can also stop hot drinks from burning the table surface.



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Blue pottery multan coasters:

Concave Craft Blue Pottery Coasters are made from fine porcelain and are a perfect match for any other Blue Pottery products. The blue and white designs make it the perfect item to use at your tea table, home, or office. Concave Craft blue pottery multan coasters come in a natural and rustic style, which enhances the table setting. Any tea table will seem more elegant with the addition of this vintage set of Blue Pottery Coasters. The Coasters’ Concave Craft design shields surfaces from beverages and spills and is constructed of sturdy stoneware. You could set a glass for your kitchen table or any other area. Concave Craft aims to bring back clay art and cultural heritage in form of culturally crafted Blue Pottery if we go back and explain how antique Blue Pottery is the common name that came in the mind is Multan, Multan is one of Pakistan’s oldest cities. It has a long and distinguished history. And it’s famous for its Blue Pottery, known as Kashikari. Pottery is one of the earliest skills that humans have mastered. In Multan, skilled artisans would take clay from the Indus river bed, which contained the ideal clay for pottery, and draw sophisticated patterns on it before painting it blue and white. Concave Craft tries to replicate the precise vintage principle and create an antique Blue Pottery coaster set for you. Why should you select us? When there are many others on the market, we are certain that our Blue Pottery design, in the shape of elegance, brings back the concept of cultural heritage and clay art to your table, such as modern and classic lines. as a standard recommendation Blue Pottery is delicate and can break or shatter if not treated appropriately, however, we are convinced that our pottery will have been cared for in the same way as we cared for it while manufacturing. We strongly recommend that you purchase Blue Pottery right away, and for your convenience and durability, we are accessible online with a simple return and exchange policy.



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Weight 0.1 kg


Material Composition Ceramic
Craft Blue Pottery
Region Multan
Dimensions Length: 3.5 – Width: 3.5 – [inches]
Weight 100g
What’s is in the Box 1 x Blue Pottery Coaster Pair
Care Instruction Handle with Care


Actual product may slightly vary in color, shape, design and size.

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