Jun 25

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Painted stones/rocks signify joy and happiness. They play a significant role in bringing a smile to people’s lives, especially children. Painted stones are also being used in decorating parks these days; the colourful rocks represent an artist’s ability to create art with such originality that it attracts a large audience. Painted stones are also numerously available on e-commerce platforms.

There are certain steps in painting a stone. First and foremost, it is imperative to find a smooth stone with a flat surface, after which it is equally important to wash the stone in soapy water and allow it to dry completely. The next step involves smoothing the rock by using sandpaper and then applying primer on it. After painting the design on a stone, it is crucial to use several coats of primer and then letting it dry. Small brushes are used in making small details and dots on a stone. It is usually recommended to use oil-based paint pens and sharpies to write on a rock, as paints can be very harmful since they contain toxic chemicals. Therefore, it is recommended to use ARTEZA Acrylic paint because it is relatively less harmful than other chemical paints.

Stones are painted as a social-emotional learning activity for children, to support charities, events and movements. For example, in 2015, Megan Murphy, a women’s empowerment coach, business mentor, kindness activist, meditation instructor and lecturer, started “The Kindness Rocks” project in Cape Cod, USA. She wrote “You’ve got this” on a rock and put that on Cape Cod beach. After that, a friend found it and started the chain by writing more inspirational messages on stones and leaving them for others to find not only the stones but motivation and inspiration that was intended through them. Floral designs on stones are quite popular these days. Elegant floral designs on the smooth and natural texture of the stones make an exquisite contrast, which is why people prefer to adorn their homes and gardens with gorgeous hand-painted stones.

There are also meanings attached to hand-painted stones. For instance; joining the ‘Rock Painting groups’ allows you to become responsible for someone’s happiness by painting something funny or writing some inspirational messages on a stone and anonymously leave the painted stone for someone in a public space. It could be parks, beaches and stores etcetera. After finding the stone, people either hide it for others to find or
keep it for themselves.