Our Ideology

Pakistan is home to a myriad of cultures, each with its own range of traditional arts and crafts. Being a country with a very diverse geography, the collection of all these different landscapes translates into a multitude of cultures.

From three of the world’s mightiest icy mountain ranges coming together in Gilgit, to the one of the most populated deserts in Sindh, all the way down to the roaring beaches of Makran and Sindh, Pakistan is an amalgamation of people from all regions and conditions.

Through this large collection of identities and cultures comes an even larger opportunity. Each of the many cultures in Pakistan comes with its art, handicrafts, heritage, language, culture and so much more. A vast network of untapped talents lies hidden in our valleys, our mountains, our villages, and so many other settlements. At Concave, we take pride in unearthing these talents and presenting the majestic world of Pakistani home and lifestyle products in its true form.

These artisans, no matter how skilled they may be, are often in extremely remote territories. This makes it difficult for them not only to advertise and market, but to be creative on a larger scale. Concave Craft’s innovation and field research enables a network where you can find one-of-a-kind products and artforms with rich heritages from a range of places, stretching from Karachi to Kalash.

Why Us

Concave Craft is your one-stop shop for access to this plethora of rich, historical, and diverse home and lifestyle products which were not at your disposal before. Through Concave, you can purchase the highest quality of products in Pakistan that reflect our culture heritage. The rich art culture of Pakistan has many craft styles that hold prominence around the globe. Be it truck art, the classic tradition of Ajrak, or the world famous Khewra Himalayan salt products, all are examples of how so many of our local heritage items and skills are held in such high regard. However, the link between the artisan and consumer has always been limited. This is where our vast network comes into play, creating connections and working to establish the most diverse collection of every one of the 100+ crafts that our country has.

Our Aim

We aim to change how the world looks at Pakistan’s artisans and artforms, as our nation is one that has a surplus of artistic magic. When people think of Pakistan’s crafts, they should think about Chitral, about Hunza, about Sindh, about Khewra, and all other regions that we carefully explore for our consumer base as unique architects of the most supreme art forms.

Our Methodology

Concave’s methodology involves constant innovation and infusion. Our innovation team is constantly observant of the changing patterns in people’s tastes, styles, and fashion. Not only are we creating newer benchmarks in the world of art, but we are also empowering the artisans to explore their creativity, defining a new turn of tide in the market.
The differentiating factor between Concave and other handicraft markets is that our carefully researched scouting methods only select the artisans that are not only masters of their craft, but aspiring visionaries. Concave Craft’s goal is not only to create a platform that provides the best to it’s audience, but also to connect you to the magnificent heritage of this land.