Nov 14

11.11 Sale

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11.11 is considered a shopping day worldwide and is equally loved in Pakistan. On this day Concave Craft brings you exciting new deals and offers with amazing discounts. Concave Craft is a brand committed to showcasing the phenomenal talent of artisans from all over the nation. With an astounding range of products that pay ode to our culture, we bring to light the story behind the art, understanding how something is made, and why it’s made that way. The 11.11 global sale is around the clock, our craft will be available online nationwide.

This sale is an iconic day for the market because it not only helps to reach our audience but is also a way of maintaining trust. For customer and buyer behavior 11.11 sales create an enthusiastic approach and excitement. To measure the quality of excitement our brand is confident that we will respect and idolise our customer preference. We stand by “Le client n’a jamais tort” which means “the customer is never wrong”. Customer satisfaction gives an understanding of how much the product or service meets the expectations of the customer while loyalty is influenced by product or service quality and other factors. Experts agree that there are four main types of consumer behaviour: complex-buying behaviour, dissonance-reducing buying behaviour, habitual buying behaviour, and variety-seeking buying behaviour. 

To study consumer behaviour and measure satisfaction, a salesperson adopts various techniques to the tragic customers to sell his goods and services. Sale is one of the most authentic and smart moves towards selling products and services in the market and sale is one of the most impressive tactics involved in marketing. As well as in the traditional market and digital marketing. The main difference between the traditional market and the digital market is that the traditional market is more over a physical platform that involves traditional ways such as offline media to reach an audience, whereas digital marketing is a marking strategy that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies. 

If we talk about sales and sales tactics, it can be defined as Sales tactics are actions that are strategically designed to build trust with potential customers and inspire them to buy with clarity and confidence.

For such a theory, a salesperson adopts sales strategies such as the worldwide sale of the day 11.11. If we go down in history, 11.11 sales The date, 11th November (11.11), was chosen because the number “1” resembles an individual who is alone. 

It’s believed that in 1993, four single male students at Nanjing University created Singles Day. They chose November 11th, because the date consists of four ones, which represents four singles. These single men wanted to break away from the boring routine of singlehood. In doing so, they created a day full of fun games, entertainment, and celebrations for single people. Hence then it has become the largest offline and online shopping day in the world. As more people join in the celebration of this holiday, many companies take such an opportunity to target the largest consumers. 

Our vision is to create a platform where we try our best to provide high-quality service, aesthetic products, and incredible discounts to our beloved customers. Our aesthetic craft and understanding of design while embracing our cultural and historical heritage is what sets us apart and makes us your best choice this 11.11.

Everything you need to get is right on your budget, so don’t be slow when the price is low.